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The iGarden world visualizes user interaction data such as navigation, manipulation, chatting, and Web access activity. It is created based on mined web logs that have been collected in the Memory Palace. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness and usability, to optimize design properties, or to examine the evolving user community of a world.

The Twin World Approach
iPalace and iGarden are ‘twin worlds’ utilized to design and evaluate 3-D collaborative information visualizations. We believe that the application of information visualization techniques can

Project Team
Katy Börner
E-mail: katy@indiana.edu
Jobs: Project manager, programmer
David Henry
E-mail: dbhenry@indiana.edu
Jobs: Oracle database & Cold Fusion
Sy-Miaw Lin
E-mail: symlin@indiana.edu
Jobs: collection development, 2-D we page design
Yu-Chen Lin (Alan)
E-mail: yclin@indiana.edu
Jobs: chat log visualization & bot programming
Maggie Swan
E-mail: mbswan@indiana.edu
Jobs: 2-D web page & 3-D modeling & design
Min Xiao
E-mail: mxiao@indiana.edu
Jobs: 3-D modeling & design

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Last modified: 07/28/2001