Sat. Oct. 9th, 2004, 10am-6pm
Room Hill Country A-B

Right before the IEEE Symposium on Information
Visualization (InfoVis) 2004.

Workshop Chairs


Information visualization systems and toolkits are becoming available for a large range of visualization and interaction techniques and are used in diverse application domains. This workshop is aimed at gathering experts involved in building such infrastructures to share their views, understand the issues involved and trying to find ways to avoid fragmentation and improve collaborations.

To participate in the workshop, you should submit a semi-structured position paper explaining your view of what an infrastructure should provide, describe what you consider as the main challenges for such infrastructures and describe the capabilities of toolkits of systems you have already built, following a form available here by Sept 30th, 2004.

At the end of the workshop, the position papers as well as the minutes will be turned into a white paper describing the requirements and issues raised during the workshop, as well as the state of the art of existing information visualization software infrastructures.

Position Papers

Scott White: JUNG Paper
Jeffrey Heer: prefuse Paper *SLIDES*
Christopher Mueller: Boost Graph Library (BGL) Paper *SLIDES*
Aaron Clamage: Piccolo Paper *SLIDES*
Shashikant Penumarthy, Bruce Herr and Katy Börner: InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure Paper *SLIDES*
Georges G. Grinstein & Alexander G. Gee: Universal Visualization Platform Paper
Chris North: Snap-Together Visualization Paper
Chris Weaver: Improvise Paper *SLIDES*
Thomas Baudel: ILOG Discovery Paper *SLIDES*
Jean-Daniel Fekete: InfoVis Toolkit Paper *SLIDES*
Stephen North: GraphVis Paper *SLIDES*
James Slack: Olduvai / Accordion Drawer Paper *SLIDES*
Tim Dwyer, Colin Murray, Seokhee Hong: WilmaScope Paper *SLIDES*
Harry Hochheiser: Open Microscopy Environment Paper *SLIDES*
Steven Smith & Paul Weber: Frameworks in Support of InfoVis/Perceptualization Paper *SLIDES*
Donald R. Jones: National Visualization and Analysis Center Systems Architecture Paper *SLIDES*
Ming Hao: VisMine Paper
Sheelagh Carpendale: Elastic Presentation Space Libraries Paper *SLIDES*
Andy Wilson: VxInsight II Paper *SLIDES*
David Auber: Tulip *SLIDES*
Vladimir Batagelj, Pajek Paper
Mark Gahegan, GeoVISTA Studio Paper



Advisory Board (as of 08/18/04 still growing)