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The Final Object
Step by Step
The final object 

Steam Train Tutorial

Click on icon to view animation (window media player).
Click on link to download model.
All models are in 3D Studio MAX format and all include maps.

Step by step:

In the front viewport create a cylinder. In the top viewport create 2 dummy objects one a bit bigger than the other. In the left view port a box. 

  • CYLINDER: Radius: 50, Height: 5, Height & Cap segments: 1, Sides: 18. 
  • BOX: Length: 15, Width: 5, Height: 120, All segments to 1 
  • Left click on the move tool then right click on it to get the Transform Type-in dialog box. 
  • And move objects as follow by typing in Absolute world area: 
  •   X Y Z     X Y Z
    CYLINDER 0 0 0   DUMMY02 -150 -10 0
    DUMMY01 -40 -10 0   BOX -150 -10 0

(see picture above)

  • Turn the following on: Animate button, Angle Snap Toggle, Rotate tool, go to the last frame and on the front view port rotate the cylinder 1080¡ã . Select Dummy01 & link it to the cylinder and go to Hierarchy Command Panel,  
  • Select Link Info, in the Inherit roll-out uncheck all axis for the rotate option that way the dummy will follow the rotation but don't rotate. Playback in the view port & you¡¯ll see so. 
  • Now select Dummy02 & link it to Dummy01 & on the Hierarchy panel/Link Info/Inherit roll-out uncheck the Y & Z axis for the Move option: Playback in the view port you¡¯ll see that dummy02 follows dummy01 only in X axis. 
  • Select Box01 & link it to dummy02, go to the Motion panel  in the Assign Controller roll-out Select Transform: Position¡­ then click on the Assign Controler Icon and in the dialog box select. 
  • Look At controller
  • Click on Pick Target, pick Dummy01 & check flip. Now if you playback the Animation Viola! You have the train mechanism without IK.  
  • Now you can add a cylinder & place it in the same location as dummy02 & link it to dummy02.

  • Actually this technique is better than IK because every time you want to increase the cylinder cycle rotation you just do so without solving IK again.
  • In the front view port add another box and Link it to Dummy01 & make a copy of the Cylinder, & in the top view port move the Last Box just infront of the first box. Play the animation.  
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Welcome to 3D max
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Authors: Min Xiao & Katy Borner
Last modified: 08/01/2001